We Upgrade SilverStripe CMS Websites

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Which version are you upgrading from?

I don't know

Not sure which CMS version your site is using? Don't worry! We can look at your site's codebase and let you know.

Upgrading from 2.X

It's time to upgrade! Not only will your website be more secure, but your content authors will love the streamlined user experience.

Upgrading from 3.X

Upgrade to the latest and greatest 4.X release. Offering a richer and faster CMS user experience, a more comprehensive versioning solution, and better support for remote filesystems.

Why should you keep your SilverStripe CMS up-to-date?

Better Security

If you are using an out-dated CMS, your website may not be secure.  Keeping your CMS up to date significantly reduces the vulnerability to hackers.

Bug fixes

Upgrades usually include bug fixes for issues that either weren’t known or didn’t exist at the time your current CMS was released.

Cost Savings

Staying on the upgrade path makes future upgrades easier and more cost effective.


Web browsers, hosting servers, etc. are constantly evolving. If your website doesn't keep pace, compatibility issues could jeopardize your site's ability to stay live on the internet.

Streamlined user experience

A continuously improving user experience for content authors means they can get things done faster, and with less frustration.

New Features

Depending on which version your CMS is in, you could be missing out on new CMS features that help attract traffic and convert leads.

Great! Just give us a bit of information to help us start putting together a cost estimate for your site.